WS Schoolwide Action and Improvement Plan 2014-2017 (Second Draft)

Please find at the link below the second draft of the Schoolwide Action and Improvement Plan - Year 2 School Improvement - 2014-2017. A final document will be created with all changes in September, for WS Faculty & Staff and Board approval.Matt,

Thank you so much! 


WS Schoolwide Action and Improvement Plan 2014-2017 (Second Draft)


Fire/Evacuation Drill

At 8:30 am this morning, we had a fire drill for our K-8 students, faculty and staff.  We evacuated the building and moved to our safe area in 2 minutes and 46 seconds.  At that time, I called out one command: 'Evacuation on foot".  Without a sound, BJ Esty led our 8th graders down the road towards the church, one of our evacuation sites.  Grades 7 -K followed quickly and quietly down the same road to Roue 5, where we stopped the children.  Adults stood on the car side of the road as an extra protection for our children.  This evacuation took exactly 3 minutes and 25 second, which is amazing! We did not cross the road, as we were convinced that our children knew exactly what to do and honored the process of a safe and expeditious evacuation, thus we turned around and went back to school. We did call dispatch so the fire dept and local police were made aware of our fire/evacuation drill prior to the event.  I made sure to praise the children about their behavior and ability to keep us all safe should an emergency ever occur. We are a SAFE SCHOOL and I am one PROUD principal!

Today, after the fire/evacuation drill, we dedicated a flowering cherry tree in memory of Chet Stone, our lovely bus driver who passed away unexpectedly on April 3rd.  The tree was donated by an anonymous local family, who recognized Chet's dedication and love for our school children, and felt that  a living memorial here at school was a fitting tribute.  The tree is planted in the circle to the right of the school and where the buses travel every school day to pick up and drop off WS children.  We will all get to enjoy the beauty of this tree on a daily basis because of its location, which makes it extra special. We bowed our head in a moment of silence to remember Chet Stone.  I read a poem called "The Tree of Life" and the children were once again, so sweet and caring, as they remembered a man who gave generously to our school and is sorely missed.



FY 14 WS Math & ELA Assessments

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