Select Band

Yesterday and today, 18 members of the 5-6 band auditioned to be in a Select Band for the May concert.

Mr. Ramsey is thrilled to announce that EVERY SINGLE student who auditioned has been admitted into the group. Congratulations! We are so very proud of all of you!

In addition, the following students each earned a PERFECT score:

Hannah Kemp

Madison LeDuc

Katelin Wright



WS Newsletter - 4/11/14

Weekly News Letter from The Principal’s Corner

April 11, 2014


Spring Break Starts Today

I hope everyone has a fun-filled and safe vacation next week.  School will resume on April 21, 2014.  I don’t want to scare you, but there are only 38 student school days left in FY 14!  It doesn’t seem possible!


Matt Fisher Wins 4th in State GeoBee

Congratulations to 7th grader, Matt Fisher, who won the 4th place prize in the state GeoBee contest on April 4th at Middlebury College!  Matthew got quite a surprise during lunch on Monday, April 7th, when the students and teachers gave him a loud ovation for placing so well in Vermont’s National Geographic Bee!  On Friday, April 4th, Weathersfield School was on pins and needles all day, wondering what Matt's day was like.  Eighty students from across Vermont competed at the state level of the National Geographic Bee, held in Middlebury. The event was sponsored by Google and Plum Creek.  Matt came in 4th out of 80... that is extraordinary! Congratulations Matthew!  We are so proud of you!


PTA Sponsors GREAT Social Media Presentation – Note the Date Change

Please mark your calendars! Thanks to a grant from the PTA, on June 10, 2014, at 1:00, Grades 4-8 will have a presentation on Social media by Jennifer Frank, Investigator with the Plymouth State University Police Department.  Jennifer Frank and her presentation comes highly recommended by schools and organizations across the region. 

The presentation covers an introduction to what Social networking is, the history of it, how it is being utilized, the liabilities of various social networking sites and your use of them, Cyberbullying, Social Media outlets and your privacy, legal and personal implications of use of this site, Cyberstalking, and an opportunity to view the digital footprint left behind by the use of these various Internet sites. Websites such as: Chat Roulette, Snapchat, Askfm, Google Street View, Club Penguin, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter, Places, Latitude and many others will be discussed during this presentation with an emphasis on the social networking website: Facebook. Thank you PTA!


Meet the Mathematical Magicians Night

Please come join the Math Magic crew for an hour filled with interactive, hands-on activities presented by the amazing Mathematical Magicians themselves! If your child has participated in Math Magic this school year, and would like to participate, please send them to Ms. Pomerleau and she will make sure they are part of this fun-filled hour of math! I must know all who are participating by May 1st! Meet the Mathematical Magicians night will be held on Tuesday, May 20th from 2:45-3:45 in Rm 219!

All are welcome!

Thank you,

Ms. Pomerleau


School Dance

The Student Council will sponsor a spring dance on Friday April 11th from 6PM till 8PM. Admission is $5 with free refreshments. The dance is open to all 5th through 8th grade students from Weathersfield School. School dress code applies.    Tim Herbert, Advisor.


SBACs and NECAPs- The SBAC Schedule is on Our School Website

Grades 3 through 8 will be taking the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium, also known as SBACs starting on Monday, April 21, 2014 through May 23rd. Each homeroom will have designated testing days. We ask that all students have perfect attendance during the testing window.  Please do not schedule any doctor or dentist appointments during your child's testing day.  

Please check with your child's teacher for their specific testing dates and times or download the schedule HERE.


NECAP Science Tests 

Grades 4 and 8 will take the Vermont state assessment in science, (known as the NECAP), the week of May 19th.  We ask that 4th and 8th graders have perfect attendance.  We will offer a free, nourishing breakfast for ALL NECAP test-takers on each and every testing day.  We will provide FREE breakfast to all NECAP test takers on the days of their exams.  We also ask that parents make every effort to get their children to school on time during testing and to minimize interruptions and scheduling appointments.  The school will make every attempt to keep the school quiet and stress-free during testing weeks.  The principal will be meeting with all NECAP test takers, before the tests begin, to discuss test taking strategies and to encourage students to do their best!

Preparation for Test Taking

 These tests are very important to both the children and the school.  We ask that children have perfect attendance for the one to two weeks of testing, as the research shows that children fare better on a test they are able to take at the same time with their peers and score lower when taking the test as a make-up.  We would like to remind families that the research on testing shows that other optimal conditions for students taking high stakes tests include:

       * a good night's rest

       * good hydration - drinking water throughout the day

       * a good nutritious breakfast

       * a calm start to the day and a quiet bus ride

       * less homework than usual

       * encouragement from home and school

 If we are all saying the same thing, our kids will get the message that these tests do matter and they can do well on them!


Combined Band Performance

The 7-8 band will be joining with students from Windsor and Brownsville to make a large, SU-wide concert band!  We will be playing two pieces, "Soaring" and "Dinosaurs."  A high school band and chorus will also perform selections. WS students will practice together with the other middle school musicians in Windsor on the afternoon of Thursday, April 24.  The next day the band will perform concerts in Windsor, Weathersfield, Brownsville, and Hartland.  Details to follow. Any student in the 7-8 Band is encouraged to participate, but students will only be allowed to tour with us on Friday if they are present at the rehearsal on Thursday.  See Mr. Ramsey for more details.


Gym Floor – Let’s Keep It Lovely!

Please remember not to bring food or drinks, (water only), into our beautiful gym.  We have a very expensive gym floor that must be preserved.  Your cooperation in this important matter means so much!


WS Grade 8 Annual Graduation Dance

The annual WS Grade 8 Dance will be held from 7:00 to 10:00 pm on Friday, May 16th.


Pottery on Display

Mrs. Sheere will have a beautiful display of students’ pottery in the display case, in the main foyer, after spring break.  Be sure to stop by and see their talented pieces!


WS School Board Meets

The WS School Board will have their monthly meeting on Monday, April 21, 2014 at 6:30 pm in the all purpose room.  This meeting is open to the public.  The top three 8th grade science fair winners will be presenting their outstanding projects to the board at this time:

Weathersfield School -2014 Grade 8 Science Fair Award Winners

1st Place- Christopher Gurney: Temperature vs. Ice Melter

2nd Place- Caitlin Vollmann: Mysteries of Radiation

3rd Place- Kylee Charest - Should You Really Give Your Pooch A Smooch?


Also, Larry Dougher, WSESU Chief Information Officer, will do a hands on presentation on Chromebooks.


Happy April,

JeanMarie K. Oakman, WS Principal


Congrats Matthew Fisher!

Matthew Fisher, 7th Grade WS student, got quite a surprise on Monday, during lunch, when the students and teachers gave him a loud ovation for coming in 4th Place at Vermont's National Geographic Bee! Matt competed in this rigorous state event on Friday, April 4th. We were on pins and needles all day on Friday, wondering what Matt's day was like.

80 students from across Vermont competed at the state level of the National Geographic Bee, held at Middlebury College. The event was sponsored by Google and Plum Creek. Matt came in 4th out of 80... that is extraordinary!

Congratulations Matthew!  We are so proud of you!